10 Amazing Low Calorie Foods High Protein

Low-calorie foods with high protein, are a great way to make your diet full of the nutrients you need.
On top of that,

they are the best way to preserve lean mass while trying to lose weight.


What is a calorie?


A calorie measures the amount of energy in the food and beverages that we consume. We all need this energy to live and stay healthy. 

So, does it mean that the more calories I consume the better?

Absolutely NO!

The amount of calories that you should consume is actually different for each individual.

In order to get an idea of how many calories a person with the same weight, height, age that makes the amount of activity as you should consume per day, this Is the place to check it.

As I said before, the daily calorie consumption diverges for each individual.

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The amazing low calorie foods high protein:

1) Eggs:

Eggs Low Calorie Food high protein


Mmm, Eggs are just amazingly tasty.

Eggs are among the healthiest foods available, They Are Linked to a Reduced Risk of Heart Disease.

Additionally, they contain a little bit of almost every nutrient you need.

Recommended eating way: Cooking.

For me, cooking eggs is the tastiest way to eat them.

But on top of that, cooking makes them much safer to eat.

Calories: 155 per 100 g

Protein: 13 g per 100 g

small egg (38 g): 54 calories

medium egg (44 g): 68 calories

large egg (50 g): 77 calories


2) Tuna canned in water:

Tuna high protein

Tuna is one of my favorites,

It contains omega-3 fats (Very important for your health).

On top of that, Tuna is the way to fight with your cravings,

After one Tuna can, you probably won’t be hungry for the next few hours.

Calories: 104 per 100 g

Protein: 24.8 g per 100 g


3) Milk:

milk high protein

You might think that milk is not considered as food but surprisingly it is,

So, for a lot of people, Milk considered the perfect food.

It has almost every nutrient your body needs, and you can just drink it without any effort.

Calories: 60 per 100 g

Protein: 3.2 g per 100 g


4) Chicken breast:

Chicken breast is one of the most popular protein-rich foods.

Because of its great amount of protein, it can help build and maintain your muscle mass, reduce appetite, and a lot more benefits.

Recommended eating way: Cooking.

It’s very easy to cook and doesn’t require much knowledge to make it done.

Calories: 164 per 100 g

Protein: 31 g per 100 g


5) Raw salmon:

salmon high protein

Salmon a kind of fish.

It has a lot of health benefits, and it’s rich in essential nutrients as omega-3 fatty acids.

Calories: 200 per 100 g

Protein: 17-25 g per 100 g


6) Quinoa:

Quinoa Low Calorie Food high protein

For many people, Quinoa is considered as a superfood.

Because he contains lots of vitamins, protein fiber, and amino acids.

Furthermore, it is VERY tasty.

Calories: 119 per 100 g

Protein: 4.5 g per 100 g


7) Turkey breast:

Turkey breast actually very similar to the Chicken breast.

Its protein content is more than 80% of calories.

Calories: 146 per 100 g

Protein: 30.5 g per 100 g


8) Mushrooms:

Mushrooms the best Low Calorie Food high protein

What can I say??

Look at these incredible stats, it has only 22 calories per 100 g!

My opinion is that Mushrooms are one of the best low-calorie food with high protein percentages.

My favorite way of eating: Omelet with mushrooms.

Calories: 22 per 100 g

Protein: 3.1 g per 100 g


9) Cottage Cheese:

High protein low calorie cottage cheese

It’s rich with vitamins and other nutrients,

Additionally, it is low in calories and fats.

Calories: 98 per 100 g

Protein: 11 g per 100 g


And the last one is..


10) Shrimps:

Shrimps low calorie, high protein

Shrimps have an amazing amount of protein, 97% of the calories.

As Salmon, it has omega-3 fatty acids.

Additionally, Shrimps has a lot of important nutrients.

Calories: 98 per 100 g

Protein: 23 g per 100 g


These 10 foods are my favorites of the low-calorie high protein foods out there.

Hope you enjoyed,

If you have any questions feel free to ask them here.

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Love y’all, Michael.


Low Calorie Food high protein

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