Top 5 Reasons You Not Losing Weight on Keto (You’ll Be Shocked!)

Before we dive into the reasons why you not losing weight on Keto,

I want to tell you that you should be strong and keep being motivated on your losing weight journey and only in this way, you’ll be able to lose the unwanted weight.

In order to keep your motivation and make the weight loss journey easier and funnier for you, I encourage you to check these Weight Loss Motivation Quotes here and these Amazing Ideas to Rocket Boost Your Motivation to Lose Weight here.


A little bit about me:


It all started 3 years ago.

I’ve realized that most of the time I’m not happy, overweight, and energy-less.

I had to make a change with that.

After a while of dieting, I, unfortunately, stopped losing weight ):

So, I decided to make a research about it and I’ve found out a few Amazing ways to start losing weight again that helped me to lose over 55 pounds!

Keep reading to find out what I’ve found about the reasons that you not losing weight on Keto!

So, Let’s start!


What is the Keto diet?


Keto diet’s main purpose is to achieve Ketosis.

And now in English (;

As most of you already know, the Keto diet heavily restricts your carbohydrate (carb) intake.

Normally, your body breaks the carbs into glucose, and, at the moment your body not getting enough carbs, the Ketosis process start.

During Ketosis, your body will burn fat instead of glucose in other words, you start losing weight.


After making the science behind Keto diet clearer, we are ready to dive into the

5 Reasons You Not Losing Weight on Keto:



1) You are binge eating/constant snacking.

not losing weight on keto

A really common thing that occurs to people that try to lose weight, is the urge to eat all the time, in other words, binge eating or constant snacking.

Binge eating characterized by eating large amounts of food very quickly, eating a large amount of food without feeling hungry and felling lose of control while the binge.

Check this site for more information about binge eating.

Constant snacking is the urge to always put something in your mouth without even wanting to eat.


I experienced them both strongly throughout my first few months of the diet, I felt like I need to eat all the time even without being hungry and I been eating a big amount of in a short amount of time.

It may sound weird for some of you, but I been able to stop those horrible habits by some extraordinary ways and meditation is one them because through meditation, I gained control over my thoughts and my mind.

For the full list of my ways to overcome binge eating/constant snacking, click here.


2) Your body adjusted to your calorie intake.


Calories measure the amount of energy in the food and beverages that we consume.

We all need this energy to live and stay healthy.

With that said, if you eat the same amount of calories for a while, eventually, your body will adjust to that amount of calorie intake and will make your weight stall.

Because of that, counting calories is very important for weight loss because it’s the only way to know how much you should eat for weight loss without even starving yourself as you may do now.

For me, counting calories been a learning curve for a long time but after I made a serious research for almost a year, I found out the best ways to count calories to lose weight easily.

With those amazing calorie counting techniques, I have been able to lose over 55 pounds, and not only that, I even lofted my calorie intake up to 2700 calories per day and still been able to lose weight!

If you want to get all of these Secret techniques for free and start losing weight right away without making tons of research, just click on this amazing 21-day weight loss training program for absolutely free.


Before we continue to the next three reasons, I’d love to hear from you what is the main reason for not losing weight on Keto for you:

Please write here your main reason:x



3) Not doing cardio.


Cardio is King, it’s my favorite kind of physical activity!

First of all, you can do cardio as short as 10-15 minutes per week and enjoy its amazing benefits, as:

* It burns a lot of fat and calories for weight loss.
* Better sleep quality.
* Lower stress in life.

And many more benefits that you can read right here.

Secondly, my favorite cardio workout is HIIT because it burns a lot of calories even after you finish the workout!

CRAZY stuff right?

Here is a video of a HIIT workout for beginners that helped me to get started:

not losing weight on Keto

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My name is Michael Rahovich.

Throughout most of my life, I’ve been over-weighted, without energy, and felt ashamed with my own body.

I decided that my life can’t continue this way.


I started meditating, dieting, and counting calories.

Since then I’ve been able to lose over 55 pounds, I became much happier, with a lot more energy, and healthy.

So what are you waiting for??

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