3 Meditation Negative Side Affects You Need To Know

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Meditation has been in this world for a lot of years,

The earliest records of meditation practice date from approximately 1500 years BCE.

On top of that, a lot of people don’t know that they have been already in a meditative state before!

Wait, so how is that possible?!

Before we’ll be able to answer that let’s explain


What is Meditation?

Meditation Negative Side Affects

Many people think meditation is about clearing your mind and not thinking about anything.

In the beginning, I thought that as well haha, (let me know in the comments what you think meditation is before continuing reading!)

But, that’s absolutely not true!

Meditation is about focusing on one area at a time.

Even if that focus is about clearing your mind, and just focusing on one thought or focusing on the truth or focusing on relaxing, all of this is about but focusing in one area at a time.

After this little introduction to meditation, you might already understand that you’ve meditated before, without even noticing it (;

Before we jump into the meditation negative side effects, I want to give a lot of credit to the HUGE benefits of meditating!


Why you Should Meditate?

Meditation Negative Side Affects

Meditation has Tons of benefits, there are over 1200 researches that talk about why meditating is good for you and meditation benefits (Check this site out for more benefits).

I will note here the biggest meditation benefits for me:


1) It helps you to know yourself.

Through meditation, you’ll be able to reveal new things about you, understand what you like to do (find your habits), understand what you passionate about, and so much more!


2) Helps you to Let-Go:

Meditation Negative Side Affects

This is a HUGE one!

And goes hand to hand with knowing yourself,

Everybody has traumas that they got throughout their lives (it doesn’t have to be something big, it may be even something small as getting “no” from a girl that you like), some of you might have bad thoughts/feelings that are stuck inside their heads that you can’t stop thinking about,

By letting go of all of those, you’ll be able to become so much happier, relaxed, and live the moment!

I’ll give you an example from my own life:

When I been at the age of 11 my best friend at that time, decided to boycott me.

All my class neither talked to me nor played with me, even my other friends.

It really broke my heart, and I kept this horrible feeling for years!

That blocked feeling made me think that I’m not a good friend enough and blocked me in many ways throughout my life in the social aspect.

After a while of meditation training, I have been able to let go of this feeling, forgive him, and accept it.

That made me much happier, social, and relaxed.

If you’d like to Let-Go of something that is written above, or anything else that bothers you, I encourage you to check this Amazing course.


3) Reducing stress.

Stress is one of the biggest if not the BIGGEST problem of our world these days.

Little explanation about how stress is hurting our lives:

Stress hormone shutting down our immune system and makes us ill, and on top of that, it promotes anxiety, and depression, headaches, heart diseases, memory problems, and more..

(Click here to get more information about it).

You have to reduce it, to live healthier!


4) Enhance self-awareness.

Meditation also enhances self-awareness because it allows us just to focus on one area at a time.


5) Helps with sleep.

Being able to rest at night is critical to our health both emotionally and physically as well as being able to get to sleep is a massive problem for so many people.

Meditation will help you with sleep because of the ability to concentrate on one thing at a time.


6) Promote emotional health.

It allows us to be aware of our emotions and to choose our emotions accordingly to the situation, it gives us that control and focus of emotional health, and on top of that, it makes us happier!


7) Promotes physical health.

It’s going to promote our physical health by bringing oxygen in our cells, our brain, our heart, our lungs, and our blood system.

Be sure to click here to see how meditation helped me and how can you start meditating today!

Sound great isn’t it?!


Now, let’s talk about the reason we are all here,

Meditation negative side affects & Why they occur

Meditation Negative Side Affects

Not everything is that shine bright in meditation for some people.

I will mention here the biggest negative aspects of meditation that occur to some people, from my experience.

1) Over-reliance:


I put this as the first one simply because it occurred to me.

By telling over-reliance, I mean that meditation brought me to a totally relaxed, peaceful, and joyful place so I didn’t want to cope with my real life, my problems for a period.

I’ve been seeking to be alone all the time in order to achieve that peaceful feeling (throughout meditation), I felt that nothing except meditation can bring me to that amazing feeling.

After that period, I understood that something is wrong with that.

I’ve started seeking answers, in order to understand why I feel like that, and I’ve found out that this happened to me because I been in not a good state in my life.

I did things that I didn’t really want to do, and I wasn’t passionate about those things,

I’ve left all my “friends” that weren’t a good part of my life (you know that phrase: “Show me who your friends, and I will tell you what you are”, that is so true!),

I started behaving my body and my soul in a better way by having a morning routine, by going out of my comfort zone, socializing, traveling, and doing what I love to do.

After all of the changes, I began enjoying and being relaxed not only in a meditation state.


If that’s what you feel, you should find a better state for you in your life.

Change things, stop being a friend with those who have a negative effect on you, go out from your comfort zone, and find what you are passionate about ad love to do through meditation.


2) Doubting self:

Meditation Negative Side Affects


A lot of people want to get immediate gratification when they start a process, but meditation isn’t about immediate gratification, meditation is about practice, practice, and one more time, PRACTICE!

The thing is that if these people don’t see the process quick enough, in other words, if they sit down for two minutes in order to relax, but their thoughts are all over the place, they’ll think that they can’t do this, and that they are useless, and that they can’t do anything.


If you one of those people, I want you to understand that it is totally fine!

None of the meditators that has the experience, stopped all their thoughts and concentrated on one thing in their first meditation, nor me.

At the beginning of my meditation phase, each time I started relaxing, my mind has been jumping to different thoughts and it was hard to concentrate on one thing, but after practice, I’m able to get into this state of calmness in a very short amount of time, and you’ll be able to do so with enough practice!

Do not lose hope, it’s totally fine!


3) Life-changing experience:


Meditation is a life-changing.

It’s life-changing from an emotional health point, physical health point, of view from a whole life point of view.

But some people are so attached to their lives even if they’re in a very bad state in their life, even if their health is not good, their emotions are poor, and their whole life is poor, additionally, they’ve got problems coming where they don’t know how to solve.

They’re so attached to this state of life that they don’t like even the thought of life-changing, even if they think they wanted to change it, they’ll believe that meditation won’t do anything good for them.

They think meditation is going to change their lives and create this person that they no longer know and it’s going to destroy their identity.


In this situation, that’s all about you,

You need to understand that your life needs to change!

After you’ll understand that something has to change, your life becomes much BETTER!


That’s it for today, I hope you’ve enjoyed it!

Be sure to check out my other post about meditation right here.

Love y’all and I’m sure you’ll able to go through any obstacle.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here.

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And always remember you are on the right path to Make Your Life Great Again.

Meditation Negative Side Affects

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