10 Amazing Tasty Filling Low Calorie Foods (for easy diet)

If you’ve started a diet to lose losing weight or planning to start a diet, you have to know that there is a way to make the diet much easier and tastier.

The filling low-calorie foods that I’ll list here, are a great way to make the above because you’ll be able to eat more food and feel full without consuming too many calories.

Before we start, be sure to let me know in the comments what foods you think will be on that list.


What makes a food filling?


We’ll start with a scientific perspective,

In 1995, a scale named “satiety index” invented, the purpose of it was to find what are the characters of filling food.

They have tested 38 different foods and scored them.

The foods with a score more than 100 considered more filling and those who scored less than 100, considered less filling.

 So, let’s explain in a straightforward way, how you can identify a filling food:

  •  High in Protein.
  • Low in calories.

It might be surprising but, low calorie foods, mostly contain a lot of water and fiber.

  •  High in fiber.


Here Are The Foods:


1) Eggs:

filling low calorie foods

Eggs are very healthy, very nutrient, tasty, furthermore, they benefit to eye health.

Additionally and most importantly, they are considered as very filling food.

My favorite eating way: Cooking.

Cooking eggs making them safer to eat and much tastier (:

More information:

Calories: 155 per 100 g

Protein: 13 g per 100 g


2) Popcorn:

filling low calorie foods

Oh my,

Do you believe that Popcorn is actually one of my filling low calorie foods??

What can I say, Popcorn is super tasty and high in fiber and low in calories, that is why he’s so filling.

Popcorn is definitely one of my favorites.

More information:

Calories: 31 per cup

Fiber: 1.2 g per cup


3) Nofat milk:

filling low calorie foods

Yes, I know what you think (;

But, even if you consider Milk as a drink for you, it still takes a lot of space in your stomach, so it is absolutely filling.

On top of that, Nofat milk has an amazing amount of protein and a very low amount of calories.

More information:

Calories: 38 per 100 ml

Protein: 3.7 g per 100 g


4) Oranges:

filling low calorie foods

You thought that I won’t include some fruits huh??

Except that Oranges are extremely tasty, they

  1. are really low in calories.
  2. contain a really low amount of fiber.

Because of those reasons, it is a very filling fruit.

More information:

Calories: 62 per medium Orange

Fiber: 3.1 g per medium Orange


5) Clementines:

filling low calorie foods

That is the second fruit in my list,

Clementine, like Oranges, they are very tasty,

But unlike Oranges, they contain only 47 calories per 100 g.


More information:

Calories: 47 per 100 g


6) Quinoa:

filling low calorie foods

Quinoa is one of my favorite super-foods because he contains lots of vitamins, protein fiber, and amino acids.

Therefore, it’s very filling, tasty, and low in calories.

More information:

Calories: 119 per 100 g

Protein: 4.5 g per 100 g


7) Watermelon:

filling low calorie foods

For real, who doesn’t like Watermelons?

On top of its amazing taste, Watermelons contain a lot of water to keep your body hydrated and has a really low number of calories.

Let me tell you my little secret,

If you don’t know yet, I’ve been able to lose over 55 pounds throughout my diet,

And watermelons have been the key to not eating over the number of calories I needed per day. (if you want to get my FREE 21-day weight loss challenge, be sure to click here).

For me, watermelons are number one!!

More information:

Calories: 30.4 per 100 g

8) Apples:

filling low calorie foods

The last fruit for today’s post haha.

Similar to Oranges, it’s low in calorie, high in fiber, and therefore it very filling.

More information:

Calories: 95 per medium Apple

Fiber: 4.4 g per medium Apple


9) Cottage Cheese:

filling low calorie foods

It’s rich with vitamins and other nutrients,

Additionally, it is low in calories and high in protein.

Because of the said above, it’s very filling food.

More information:

Calories: 98 per 100 g

Protein: 11 g per 100 g


And the last one is..


10) Shrimps:

filling low calorie foods

Shrimps have a decent amount of protein, 97% of the calories.

Additionally, Shrimps has a lot of important healthy nutrients.

As you already can understand, Shrimp is one of the best filling foods because of it amazing amount f protein and very low number of calories.

More information:

Calories: 98 per 100 g

Protein: 23 g per 100 g


These 10 foods are my favorite low-calorie high protein foods out there.

Let me know in the comments what is your favorite food from that list.


If you struggle with Binge eating, be sure to read that post in order to stop it right away.


Hope you enjoyed,

If you have any questions feel free to ask them here.

Don’t Forget to Share This Post in order to help your friends/family.

And always remember you are on the right path to Make Your Life Great Again.

Love y’all, Michael.

filling low calorie foods

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